• The Fight against COVID-19

    As the availability of key products such as sneeze guards and sanitiser units has begun to dwindle, it's only right that we do our bit to ease the strain to help the nation's shops, workplaces and public spaces become safer once again. We're producing innovative solutions that are made to not only deal with the immediate threat of contamination but to offer a long-term solution that supports a new way of living post-COVID-19, meaning that your investment isn't lost.


    Our range is affordable but durable and long-lasting, and all developed and produced within our award-winning facilities here in Oldham, Greater Manchester.


    All orders from our range of protection/hygiene solutions will include a free sign & graphics artwork pack to print and use within your business, to help reinforce social distancing and other rules around interactions and hygiene, helping to create a safer working environment.


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