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Yes, it's a bit corny, but good lighting really does make all the difference...



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Retail interior design and lighting are symbiotic in a modern store; connected architectural elements. Gone are the days when lighting was considered a secondary decision, almost an afterthought!


In an ever more competitive environment, retailers and brands are now targeting all the shopper’s senses, and lighting has a direct influence on our mood. Most of the sensory information the brain receives is from our eyes.


So, lighting can stimulate, create ambience, highlight architectural features, emphasise and enhance products, create zones and spaces and even effect pace and navigation. It can impact how we feel, what we think of a store, or a product, and has a bearing on our purchasing decisions.


There is no formula, every store category and retailer will have different requirements based around a plethora of factors, including brand positioning and values, products, colour rendition, market demographics and the physical environment including natural light of course.


In recent years, new technologies such as LEDs have offered virtually limitless opportunities to innovate. With so few constraints, clear commercial benefits and great aesthetic appeal, these low energy, low heat, compact lighting solutions offer an infinite spectrum of colour and effects as well as a variety of light levels and applications.


Now designers and architects can consider lighting a key element of their armoury to help achieve differentiation, with the ability to introduce lighting pretty much wherever they desire, safely, effectively and with stunning results.

'Lighting creates mood and feel, brings product and displays to life. You need to have a good design that is right for your environment and product, remembering the effect of internal lighting versus natural daylight and their effects on colour, tone, and brightness, all need to be considered carefully'


David Clark, Dobbies

‘Getting the lighting and light levels right is critical in any environments where colour is a key part of the decision making journey for the customer.’


Phil D’Souza, Head of merchandising

‘Lighting - It's becoming more important – especially in areas where consumers are looking at design and colour. Getting the light right in inspirational spaces in store is essential for customers making creative colour choices. Ideally, colour displays are lit or positioned as close to daylight or natural light as possible. Stores with more windows and sunlight coming through, are brighter, more welcoming and relaxing places to shop.’


Jo Williams, Dulux

‘Lighting is a very significant aspect in creating a consistent look to a display. LED has helped in this respect as there are now many options to create appropriate lighting using reduced power consumption.’


Angela Ahrendts, Vice President Retail, Apple

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