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Welcome to Brian - our new Manufacturing Manager.

This month we welcomed a new addition to the Ripple Team, our new Manufacturing Manager Brian!

Brian joins us at a really exciting time for the business as we’re constantly expanding and improving on our manufacturing services. Brian’s role will oversee that growth and create solid links between our design studio, admin teams and the shop floor, streamlining processes along the way. 

Brian started his career in the military as a fully qualified Marine Engineer and served for over 10 years. Since then, Brian has amassed a wealth of experience and skills from various production and operational management roles within other successful businesses, he has an excellent track record of being the driving force behind process improvements and helping to grow manufacturing facilities across the country.  

We’re excited to see what the remainder of 2021 has in store for us and with Brian on board, we’re looking forward to further developing our manufacturing capabilities. Great to have you with us, Brian! Best of luck.

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