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Successful retailers never forget

the importance of change









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They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.'

Andy Warhol

For retailers to achieve sustainable success, the in-store experience needs to engage and please the shopper on every visit.

Shoppers will become weary of even the best designed environments if they never change. So yes, retail space needs to be interesting and frequently re-invented to keep the tills ringing.

Keep your brand and products refreshed, sparkling and surprising. With customer demands and expectations continually growing, it is critical to stimulate the shoppers’ interest, so make it fresh and appealing, and of course differentiated from the competition.

Frequently changing ranges, new offers, new products and inspiring communication are all part of the retail calendar, driven by seasonal activity and aligned with the changing moods of shoppers throughout the year, will help keep customer’s loyal.

Great store design should provide a canvas where visual merchandising comes into its own and ranges can be changed, products reflowed and seasons brought to life without constraint from layout or fixtures.

Don't leave change to evolution, drive it!

‘Retail interiors need to change, to become more bespoke, and have a real wow factor, that reflects the look and feel of the product range and sector. Things are constantly changing from cutting-edge to retro.’


David Clark, Dobbies

There’s always a need to stimulate the customer with something new, with the products in simple, easy-to-modify, displays. This requires a creative approach, which relies on staff coming up with inventive fresh ideas, so the equipment we use has to accommodate many different layouts of our ranges.'


Paul Rogers, Norman Piette

Designing modules and keeping displays flexible where possible helps future proof a store. Providing spaces to upload/change content regularly in store also helps to keep messages fresh and customers engaged for longer.'


Jo Williams, Dulux Decorator Centre, Akzonobel

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