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Official Members of the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

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Ripple Group have joined the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce; the 4500 strong member chamber is the largest in the UK and covers all Greater Manchester’s ten local authorities.

GMCC provide workshops and platforms for businesses to connect with each other and communicate their offering and message. They also offer HR support and access to a wide range of international services.

Many of their workshops aim to update businesses on industry trends, local or national market news, or aim to introduce you and start conversations with potential clients and supplier.

Over the past year, we have visited a number of the GMCC workshops including manufacturing and retail events at which everyone has been encouraged to leverage knowledge from experience and build local strategic partnerships. We have had the opportunity to hear industry leading speakers give their views on the economy, and met many like minded businesses.

We are really looking forward to growing with GMCC, keeping up to date with our economy, developing relationships with like-minded businesses to share best-practices and learn how we can continue to develop and maintain a local multi-skilled workforce.

For more information regarding the services of the GMCC, please visit

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