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At Ripple many of our retail projects have needed to be paused, and we have therefore furloughed many of the roles within the business to protect the jobs of our amazing team.

So we are now running with a reduced workforce and continuing to design and produce for those customers that still require our support at this time.

The wellbeing of our people is paramount, so we’ve ensured we have a safe working environment for those operating at our main site, which is fully compliant with Government recommendations for hygiene and social distancing.

In our usual style we are trying to keep pro-active, and our design and customer support teams have been focusing on how we can assist our retail clients adapt to the current situation to help protect their employees and customers. Where we feel we are well positioned to help right now is to focus on solutions for in and around stores to protect staff and customers, including outdoor queuing systems, sanitiser stations and counter protection screens.

We’ve developed a concept of protective screens, designed to simply fix to check-outs, cash desks or customer service points, primarily using clamps so they can simply be attached and detached when required without causing damage to the surfaces of your retail furniture. An objective we set was also having the ability to be fitted by store staff to minimise cost and store disruption.

To help through the crisis, we will not charge for design and development of a tailored solution for your business.

If you are interested in the concept, I would be delighted to hear from you.

Thank you,

Hannah Wolfenden

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