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Creating the 'wow' factor at the Topps Tiles Annual Conference

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Every year Topps Tiles host an annual conference bringing together 365 managers from their stores across the UK. The event showcases new products and innovations which will be launched in their new financial year.

One of the standout new products coming to fruition in 2020 is the stunning Victorian Floor Tile range, which Ripple was commissioned to create a display solution in which the new tiles could be revealed to the attendees of the conference.

Rippled created what has been since described as, a ‘wow’ feature, to present the new tile range to the managers when browsing the displays at the conference.

In keeping with the theme of the product, our team designed and produced a ‘Victorian House’, complete with garden and picket fence, showcasing the product and the in-store displays which are currently being rolled out by Ripple.

The visitors were guided through the house and many exclaimed they were ‘wowed’ by the theatre, impactful graphics and without question, the fabulous new product range.

Around the house, other new products and displays were presented, including the winning in-store solution for Everscape and Outdoor Tiles ranges, also designed by Ripple. All the displays featured inspirational imagery, clear communication, a demonstration section to present the product in context and individual samples of each product variant.

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